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So we decided to give it a shot again this summer. The day we visited the wifi was down If we did not have enough cash for tickets they told us that if we had a good service plan such as Verizon we would probably have enough service to order tickets online. Of course the website just sent error messages so we couldn't do that either!

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After 30 mins of angry families talking to management we finally get tickets. Later that day we go to order lunch, the lady at the stand doesn't care to mention that they as well do not take credit cards even though management said they would!! Thank you for posting.

There was a major Internet issue in the surrounding area the day you visited which also affected all of the park, including our entire credit card system for a period of time. This certainly impacted customer service in most areas of the park and older phone line credit card machines were set up where they could be.

This was certainly not the experience we wanted any of our guests to encounter and we do hope you will visit again. Thank you for your understanding. If you're looking for a gigantic amusement park with a waterpark the size of a small city then this is not for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for a great time on a smaller scale, Quassy is the place to go.

Plenty of rides and activities to keep youngsters and the young at heart busy in a country setting that adds to the charm of a park that has been around for years. With only three stars, we have to wonder what our family-owned park could have done better during your stay. I contacted the park in advance of our visit from the UK to get permission to film some footage on their wonderful wooden roller coaster, Wooden Warrior, and we met up with a superb guy called Ron Gustafson.

He not only took us to the two coasters for me to get the filming done, but he introduced us to Eric, the park's president and shared his memories about the park and also the wider theme park industry Quassy is not a large park, but it's a great place with friendly staff, reasonable prices and a world class wooden roller coaster, designed for younger riders as the park mainly caters for families but providing enough thrills and 'airtime' to please roller coaster enthusiasts of any age.

They have a small waterpark and a beach area.

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Special shout out to ride operator Sarah who was clearly enjoying her time on Wooden Warrior. The park has operated since and I recall Ron saying that the same family had run it since , so it's run by people who care about the customer and the industry. Rides can be paid for via tickets or a wristband. Highly recommended to families and indeed older coaster fans. Thank you for the rating and wonderful comments We greatly appreciate it and hope you can visit again from the UK. This place is amazing!

Family Fun at Quassy Amusement Park

Everything is fairly priced. I thought it was a little crowded until I got to Lake Compounce; now I wish I had a second day at this place!!! Thank you for keeping it not crowded and I love the variety of rides from kiddie to thrill. I will be back! Our family loves amusement parks, especially when they have water parks. Quassy is great area for small children.

With 4 children, ages 6 and under, this park is great since lines are not long. Parking is very close to the gait. It also has a beach area. Between dry rides, water rides, paddle boats and beach area my kids do not get bored at this place. You are allowed to bring your own food.

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Last year we had so much fun that we decided to get season passes for this year. Thank you for the 5-star rating and comments. We greatly appreciate it and are pleased you purchased season passes to enjoy Quassy all season! This is a small amusement park on beautiful Lake Qussapaug. They have been updating it in the recent years. A new wooden roller coaster was added a few years ago. It has a wonderful carousel and several rides for very young children, as well as rides for older children and adults.

It has a small train that goes around the park and paddle boats on the lake. There is a small restaurant as well as some food stands and also an arcade. There is a small beach if you want to swim also. Thank you for the review as we greatly appreciate it. The park has been owned and operated by the same family for 81 years and marks its th season this year. Your Information Required. Recipients Required-Add up to five recipients. Message Optional character maximum.


August $80 Off Quassy Amusement Park Coupons & Promo Codes - Updated & Verified

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Quassy Amusement Park Coupons, Savings and Theme Park Description for 12222

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