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Developed with the guidance of Scouters and CPA's, it is specifically designed to handle the special needs of scouting units. PackLedger is by far the most powerful financial management system for scout units. In a matter of minutes, TroopMaster can produce hundreds of Award Cards with all of your scouts ranks and the merit badges they have earned on the Court of Honor report. Each pack includes award cards. Our Award Cards are produced using a standard 80 lb card stock which should print properly with almost all printers currently on the market.

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Please check your printer specifications for more information. NOTE: Since the actual badges your scouts may earn will vary, our perforated cards are not pre-printed. This allows the program to produce cards for any combination of awards earned by your scouts. We are now producing our own perforated 'Blue Card' paper for considerably less than the Avery price, saving you hours of time versus filling out these cards by hand. In a matter of minutes, TroopMaster can produce hundreds of 'Blue Cards' with all of your scout and counselor data and can even include the Merit Badge requirements.

Each pack includes merit badge cards. NOTE: Since there is no way to ensure exact report alignment with any sort of pre-printed form on your specific printer, our perforated cards are not pre-printed. A comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of BSA district leaders. Track information on all of your registered members. Tracks training, merit badge counselors, individual units, scout advancement, donations, and much more!

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This add-on product allows you to maintain a centralized database on a private FTP site assigned to your district. This provides all of the advantages of a "web enabled" system with no monthly fees. Plus, you're in control! Your database will be on an FTP site on our dedicated server, not on an insecure web site, so no one can access the site without having the proper passwords.

Also, the data on the site can be encrypted with a password that you define so that your data is fully protected, even if someone intercepts the file upload or hacks into your site. To further enhance security, we now provide a free FTP site on our server. Having your FTP site on our server also facilitates user support in the event that you are having difficulty accessing your site.

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Promo Code Software Promo Code & Coupons

Comprehensive unit management. Everything you need. Every detail detailed. Advancement Auto-Credit Saves countless hours and spend more time with your scouts. Advancement Rules Checking Ensure your advancement is properly credited and meets the BSA required rules for proper completion. Detailed Reports The heart of any good data management system is in the reports, allowing you to access your data in a way you can actually use. Click for more! Customizable Website Show the world what your unit has been doing!

Optimized for Desktop and Mobile Access your site from any device. TroopMaster Web 2. TroopMaster NEW! TroopMaster Mobile.

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PackMaster Web 2. PackMaster Mobile.

PackMaster DotNet. TroopMaster Web GS 2. Merit Badge Blue Cards. District Management. Want to see it in action? Click here!

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Include latest advancement rules for ! Requires: PackMaster Web. Why spend hours filling out Award Cards by hand when TroopMaster can do it for you? All you need is a printer and our new perforated 'Blue Card' paper! More by The Reach Trust See more. Funda Wande.

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The Reach Trust. Training educators how to teach reading for meaning. Great ideas to support language and early learning in babies and young children. See more. Career Karma - Learn to Code for Adults.

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